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Company overview

Our first office was in downtown Riverside, CA. We got a great deal because the space was quite small and torn to pieces by the former occupant. We cleaned, painted, and decorated the office to look as nice as possible. As soon as we started, we made our clients feel comfortable and welcomed them with fresh coffee, snacks , and even a play area for the kids; nothing you would ever expect to see in a bond office, at that time. Fast forward a few years, and here we are, having spread our blueprint to over 30 offices throughout California.

I am proud to say, that with over 200 employees, we are now California’s second largest bonds company and now expanding into Insurance. Our goal is not to necessarily be the biggest bail company, but to lead the industry and become the standard by which all other bail companies are measured. I am confident that with a combination of our vision, values, and dedication, our bonds company will exceed these goals and rise to the top of our industry.

– Daniel McGuire, Bail Hotline Bail Bonds CEO

Company History

The history of the company is continue to expand and our success is dedicated to helping the community

  • 2008

    My Bail Hotline started

    The McGuire brothers started My Bail Hotline and offices were built all throughout California. Over 200 employees were hired and business started to boom.

  • 2010

    Business Starts to boom

    Recognition was first made this year and word started to spread about the Bail Bonds company and the McGuire brothers. My Bail Hotline quickly became the 2nd largest bail company!

  • 2018

    Business expands

    The McGuire brothers expanded into the Immigration Bonds industry to continue to help the community. Liberty Immigration Bonds is born.