Things to Know About The Potential Costs of Immigration Bail Bonds

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Things to Know About The Potential Costs of Immigration Bail Bonds

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants get detained every year. Knowing what to do when a friend or relative gets arrested over their immigration status can be difficult. Everyone wants the process to be quick and simple so he or she can have their loved one back. To support you in this process let’s go through some things you should know.

Delivery Bond

A delivery bond is applicable for undocumented detainees who need a judge to recommend their discharge on bonds. The delivery bond will require an arrest warrant to have been served before it can be agreed and will require the detainee to attend every subsequent hearing on their status.

With this option, families will be able to stay connected to their loved one without them having to suffer huge repercussions or having to leave the country. 

Voluntary departure Bond

A voluntary departure bond offers the detainee an option to leave the country on a voluntary basis and at their own cost. Once ICE can confirm if they have left the country, the bond will be repaid to them, but if the person in question doesn’t leave or absconds, they will lose the bond.

A voluntary departure bond might not be in the best interest for you or your family. This option should be a last resort if the delivery bond is out of question unaffordable.

Neither of these bonds will apply if the person in question is considered a security risk. 

Bond Price

An immigration officer will take the detainee’s history into account when setting the bond price. Family ties, past/current convictions, and current employment will all affect the amount of the bond.  A departure bond will start around $1,500, and a departure bond will start around $500. 

Make sure you have documents to prove current employment and family ties so that you’re ready for any question an immigration officer might ask. It’s always better to be over prepared in a situation like this then need something you didn’t think you needed. 

It Is Not Easy

It’s important to know that going through a process like this is never easy. It’s going to bring up difficult conversations and create tension in the family. Remember that you care deeply for the one detained and let that drive you through this tough experience. Do know that the experience will end eventually but it takes action to make it end.


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